About US

Hi my name is Angela and I run the national New Zealand charity KittyCat Fixers.

KittyCat Fixers provides financial assistance to people around the country to desex their pet cats – these are people who are genuinely struggling to afford to do this on their own.

I needed a way to get creative to fundraise to help desex as many cats around the country as I can.  As you can imagine fundraising, grant writing and sponsorship application are time consuming.  As well as the day to day running of my charity issuing vouchers to clients in need and liaising with vets,  I also work – so am balancing my charity with my employment (which pays for a roof over my head).

I came up with the idea for a cat themed gift shop and KittyCat Gifts was born.  My skills are in web development so I thought what better use than to do an online gift shop.

50% of all profits will go directly to my charity and a further 10% to an animal charity worldwide as voted by our fans – each month, as soon as we start making profits.  We ship nationally and accept orders from International shoppers.

I have selected the best products that will ship directly from my suppliers, I partner with  global merchants in order to provide you with the best prices.

This means that part of your order may ship from global areas such as China, Thailand, Australia and Singapore. I can keep my prices low to you  because I don’t have high overheads and running costs, it just means your products will take estimated delivery times of 13-60 days, depending on where you live and what items you have bought.  Can you wait for a wee while longer for your items and support a good cause, not only my charity, but animal charities as selected by you.

I have sourced the best cat themed products from around the world and aim to find the best trending items for your collections.

Please add this Cat Themed Gift Shop poster for your vet clinic, pet shop, shop or office.