Shipping from New Zealand

ship from new zealand

Shipping from New Zealand

We have splendid news for New Zealand customers. We are in a position where we can order in inventory so we can ship faster. We obviously can’t order in every product from our range, as I don’t have all the space in the world, so we want you to tell us which products you would like to see us get in stock.

We will have shipping costs on these products, but you will receive your products in days, not months. Once these items are in stock and in New Zealand – you will have the choice to ship from NZ on our website and from Trademe.

We are also endeavouring to have items on our site that ship directly from USA, England and Europe, so watch this space. We will also add more options for faster shipping that you can choose from too. We know it is hard waiting a long time for your much loved cat products.

Please use the form to suggest items we should stock in New Zealand – if it is not listed on our website, we will endeavour to get the items in to sell directly.

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