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Cat-proofing your home

Cat-Proofing Your Home: A Guide to Creating a Safe Haven

Cat-proofing your home is essential to ensure the safety of your feline friends. As the saying goes, ‘Curiosity killed the cat,’ reminding us that curiosity can sometimes lead to danger and misfortune. When welcoming a new cat into your home, it’s an exciting adventure, but their unbridled curiosity might get them into tricky situations if your home isn’t adequately prepared.

Much like preparing for a new baby, cat-proofing your home becomes crucial when bringing home a new feline friend. Let’s explore what to look for in your home to create a safe environment for your cat and protect your belongings.

Cat-Proofing Your Living Room

Cat-proofing your living roomLiving rooms are often challenging to pet-proof, as they’re commonly used by everyone in the household. Ensure your entire family is on the same page when it comes to cat-proofing. Here are a few steps worth taking into account:

  • Secure the dangling drapery pulls and cords on window blinds to prevent cats from getting tangled
  • Remove strings, yarn, sewing supplies, and any other small items that could be ingested by your cat.
  • Cats love gnawing at wires, wrap exposed wires with cord covers and secure them to the ground.
  • Keep windows closed or secure window screens to prevent accidents.
  • Remove toxic houseplants and consider adding cat grass.
  • Block unwanted scratching areas until your cat is used to their scratching post.
  • Block fireplaces to prevent burns and keep your cat from exploring the chimney.
  • Secure the dangling drapery pulls and cords on window blinds to prevent cats from getting tangled
  • Secure bookcases and wall units to the wall.
  • Secure TV’s to the wall.

Cat-Proofing Your Kitchen

Cat-proofing your kitchenThe kitchen poses various dangers, so it’s essential to be vigilant in cat-proofing this room:

  • Use covers over hot burners to prevent burns.
  • Keep appliance doors closed to avoid trapping your curious cat.
  • Use childproof latches on cupboards storing potentially dangerous items.
  • Store food scraps securely to prevent ingestion of harmful foods.
  • Remove hanging tablecloths that may be pulled down.
  • Secure the trash to prevent access to harmful items.


Cat-Proofing Your Laundry

While you might not think of the laundry room as hazardous, cats love warm, cozy places:

  • Keep appliance doors closed to avoid trapping your cat.
  • Lock away fabric softener sheets, mothballs, and batteries.

Cat-Proofing Your Bedrooms

Bedrooms are ideal for your cat to feel safe, but consider potential risks:

  • Never leave burning candles unattended.
  • Move breakables off bedside tables and spots frequented by your cat.
  • Secure bookcases and dressers to the wall.

Cat-Proofing Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms can have tight spots, so ensure there’s nowhere your cat can get stuck:

  • Use childproof latches on cupboards storing potentially dangerous items.
  • Close the toilet seat lid to prevent access to water or cleaning solutions.

Cat-Proofing Your Garage and Outdoors

While indoor safety is a priority, consider potential hazards outdoors:

  • Store fishing line, twine, and strings away.
  • Keep hazardous items like mouse traps and ant poison out of reach.
  • Lock away weed killers, antifreeze, paint, and other dangerous items.
  • Cover gardens with netting to deter chewing.
  • Thump on your car hood before starting it in cold weather to ensure there are no sleeping cats in your engine bay.
  • Always check under your car before driving away.

While this checklist is a great starting point, your home walkthrough may reveal additional steps to ensure your pet’s new home is safe and secure. Happy cat-proofing!”

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