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Thinking of adopting a cat?

Thinking of Adopting a Cat?

Are you thinking of adopting a cat? Cats can be brilliant companions and can bring unconditional love. Having a feline friend can also help to relieve stress and improve your heart health.

Before you decide to take on this extra responsibility, please look into and weigh the needs of cats and remember that these animals will rely on you to meet their needs every day of the year.

Not all cats are equal, they have a range of varying personalities. Some cats like to be left alone, while others will demand cuddles and attention. You can’t force a cat to be something they are not. So accepting your cat is the first step. Cats live an average of 15 years, so this is an enormous commitment.

The environment in which you keep a cat is also extremely significant–for example, if your cat lives with many other cats which do not get on, then it can become stressed and will react differently than if it was on its own.

Thinking of adopting a cat? Thinking of Adopting a Cat?

Why cats make great pets?

Cats make great pets whether you live in a big house or tiny apartment, and they provide all the fun and play of larger animal companions.

  • Cats are low maintenance. Maybe the cats’ most alluring quality is that they are lower maintenance and cost less than dogs. Dog’s as we know, need walking, training, frequent grooming, and more toys and attention. Cats are perfect for apartments or city living. Cats don’t need tons of space to play and explore.
  • They’re quiet. Cats do meow to humans to communicate, especially when they’re hungry. Depending on your cat’s personality you rarely have to worry about being woken up or distracted from a task by a cat begging for attention. This makes them an ideal pet if you’re working from home or have youngsters napping during the day.
  • They’re independent. A cat will be there for you when you need them, but they’re also perfectly capable of entertaining themselves. Most cats don’t need or want constant attention.
  • They keep your house pest-free. You probably already know that cats like to hunt rodents. But they’re also natural insect killers, too. Many cats thoroughly enjoy catching the sky raisins (Flies) that fly around the house in the heat of summer.
  • They have long life spans. Cats can live up to 20 years and some have been known to have lived longer. While you’re still likely to outlive a cat, their longer lifespans mean you’ll get to have more time with them.

To care for a cat, you need to:

Thinking of adopting a cat? Thinking of Adopting a Cat?

Give a lot of human friendship

Give regular meals and freshwater

Get your cat vaccinated yearly

Give regular Flea and Worm treatments

If you choose a long-haired cat, you will need to groom regularly

Provide regular medical and vet care

And last but not least… Desex your Cat


Under the Animal Welfare Act 1999, you are legally required to provide the following:

  • Proper and sufficient food and water
  • Adequate shelter
  • The opportunity to display normal patterns of behaviour
  • Protection from, and rapid diagnosis of, any significant injury or distress
  • Protection from distress and pain

It is an offence under the Animal Welfare Act to abandon a cat.

For detailed information on legal obligations, please refer to the Code of Welfare for Cats. The code is accessible for download on the Ministry for Primary Industries website.

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